Donate an Old Car and Know You Did a Great Thing!


Donate an old car to charity and sleep better for a few nights knowing you did a great thing for your fellow human beings. If you are thinking of selling or trading your old car, why not donate that old car to charity instead? Think about the difference you will make in the lives of the many people (a lot of them children) on the receiving end of your selfless act.

Most cars are accepted and can be picked up right where it is by a licensed and bonded tow truck company. Now it just doesn’t get any easier than that. What if you no longer have the title? No problem! That can be worked out as well. You will find donating a car is an easy, quick, and painless process. You can even pick the charity you wish your car donation to benefit. Pretty nice, huh? just donate old car!

You may even donate an old car that hasn’t worked in years. In most cases, the parts can still be sold, which means the car has more value that you are probably thinking. Some donors have found it just too expensive to fix their clunkers themselves and decided to donate their old car instead. Then they have found that in some cases the processing center can have the car’s engine fixed after all, thus ensuring more money comes from the sale of it.

The money that comes from these donated cars can be used to dramatically benefit many charities, thus in turn, dramatically benefiting many needy people. Take a look at just some of the ways money is used all from you making that awesome, selfless decision to donate old car:

  • Assistance for orphanages
  • Help for single mothers
  • Creation of anti-drug DVDs for at-risk teens
  • Aid for the homeless
  • Reformation of prisoners
  • Food distribution for needy families
  • School supplies, uniforms, vaccinations, and more for needy children
  • Increase funding for nonprofit organizations
  • Improve neglected & poor neighborhoods
  • Help out the environment by recycling your car
  • …and much more

Knowing all of that, how could you not donate an old car? And not that you should need another reason at this point, but here’s one anyway: The donation of your old car is tax deductible. That’s right. Donate old car = tax deduction. You not only help out your fellow man, there is something in it for you. And it’s money in your pocket. Sweet! The more your car sells for, the more of a tax deduction you receive. Not to mention the more it sells for, the more money these charities receive and are able to be of assistance to those in need. Donate old car is simply great for everybody.

Donate a car and help out charities that help out your fellow human beings. Help out the environment by recycling. Help out yourself by putting money back into your own pocket. Is there any reason not to donate old car? We don’t think so. Go walk around your old clunker, kick the tires, and smile. Then get the donation process started. Why not do it today?

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  1. Please help me grow this website, write here any advices for the readers as well as for me.
    If you donated a car before or you plan to donate old car, please share your experience.

    Comment by admin — April 24, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

  2. Thanks for the grate job you are doing for the society at large.I would like to throw more light to what you have said about donation. It’s not only the poor,Orphans ,Charity organization that need donations. No. But Like in Africa, so many of us are jobless and yet we are capable of doing a lot for the society at large.
    Like the jobless fathers who also need to take care of their families,The jobless mothers who result into prostitution.So, i would think you should also plan for people fo that kind.More especially in Africa. Many conduct diseases like AIDS because of being jobless. So also think about that when writing about donations . Thanks
    I remain Joseph in Uganda

    Comment by Joseph Ssonko bali — October 17, 2008 @ 8:15 am

  3. Good morning!
    My name is Seme Lapointe , I want to tell you , since 7 years i helpping orphanages in Haiti with foods in school . I have about 200 orphans i pro viding foods every week . But i want your help money to help them please.
    God blessed .

    Comment by Seme Lapointe — June 13, 2011 @ 8:57 am

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    Comment by florin — July 9, 2011 @ 2:36 am

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