Best Charities. It’s all About the Top Ten.

When it comes to the best charities, you want to know who made the top ten. Who made the grade? The cut? The list? Who? Just like when you stand in line at the grocery store pretending not to care about the top 10 best or worst dressed for last year, or the top 10 most popular celebrity divorces, or the top 10 disciplines to raise your kids by, etc., you really do want to know.

And you also want to know about the best charities and you want them in a top ten list. Don’t worry, it’s OK. Just as you stepped up in line at the grocery store to check out, the person behind you stepped up and also pretended to not care about those top ten lists.

Why do we like top 10 lists so much? Probably because they are concise, short, and to the point. There is no beating around the bush and there is no grey area. Any top 10 list is easy to understand and easy to accept. It’s an official list after all. It had to be put together by a group of experts and a ton of research. A top 10 list can be trusted.

Most actually can be trusted. And definitely the best charities top 10 list can be. Trust us.

According to Charity Navigator, a very reliable and trusted resource, these charities and nonprofit organizations listed below make the grade as the best charities. Drum roll and red carpet, please. Hold your applause until the end and no flash photography:

Top 10 of the Best Charities Everyone’s Heard of:

  1. American Red Cross
  2. CARE
  3. PATH
  4. Conservation International
  5. City of Hope and Affiliates
  6. Mayo Clinic
  7. Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America
  8. Save the Children
  9. International Rescue Committee
  10. Samaritan’s Purse

You can see the list and obtain links to each of these charities’ sites as well so you can get more details:

Although these best charities were actually put into a top ten that parallels with Hollywood fluff or a David Letterman skit, they still had to make the grade in order to make the list. They still have what it takes to walk down that red carpet.

These charities and nonprofits on the best charities list above made this list because they are well managed and use your money wisely and use it for what you intended when you gave it. They use at least 80 cents on every dollar received for the betterment of their mission. They don’t only give say, for example, 40% to their mission, and utilize the rest to line the pockets of their upper management team.

What if the charity you were looking for is not in the top 10 best charities list? Then what? Then you do a little research yourself and you’ll probably find out all is well. Then you donate. Maybe you’ll make a top 10 for the amount you donated. Hmm…

Oh and by the way… you can donate a car or other type of vehicle as well. It can be picked up for free right where it is and you get a tax deduction. Cool! For more info, go to Donate Car Charity

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