How Can I Get a Free Car From Charity? Free Cars For The Needy

If you’ve been asking yourself;”How can I get a free car from charity“, now that there are several car donation charities that actually fix and give away fixed up or donated cars to the needy.

In our previous post Receive a car from charity , we received an overwhelming number of comments and stories with truly heart-stopping stories and difficult situations from folks looking for information on how to receive donated cars and trucks from charity..

In this economy it is easy for many families and people to suddenly find themselves in a difficult situation and with no car. Some charities recognize the true value of giving a car to the needy for charity. Having a car can help you get work and hopefully better your personal situation.

We didn’t publish all the comments received. Those with personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses have not been made public to protect your privacy.

We did want to clarify where you should apply if you want to enter yourself as eligible to get a free car from charity.

Charity Cars is a non profit organization that  people can donate their car to from all over the US. Unlike other charities, Charity Cars doesn’t auction off the donated cars and give the proceeds to charity. they actually give free cars to the needy.

To understand how to apply to get a free car go to and read the page. Apply to their program and try to get your family and friends to register and support you in your efforts to get a free car. Make sure to share your story there and get as many votes as possible in their system.

To those who have larger means, please consider the benefits when you donate an old car to charity and help those in real need. When you donate your old car to you will be making sure that someone in need of a car will actually get one and you get a tax write off as an added benefit!


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